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Build spaceships and wander among the stars!

Skywanderers is a voxel construction game set in a procedural galaxy made of billions of stars.

Play with your friends, use blocks, bricks and paints to create the spaceship of your dreams and discover a galaxy full of wonders.

Whether you choose to build a small starfigther with fancy details and mechanisms, or a massive capital ship with full interior that will keep you busy for weeks, Skywanderers gives you the tools to unleash your creativity.

The game offers to merge the excitement of exploring uncharted worlds as in Elite, with the elegant and simple joy of building of Minecraft.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Explore an immersive galaxy: The sky is real: each system has a view on the galaxy specific to its position, every star can be warped to. Stars and planets have a realistic scale. Reach planet rings and mine their asteroids.
  • Holomap: Plan your adventures in the vastness of space using the holomap. You can view star systems, and even check out nearby ships and stations.
  • Intuitive voxel building: Building feels natural and can be learned easily. Customize your ship’s look and light ambiance using paints ! Experienced builder can also use advanced commands, like building line or plane of blocks at once, or use functions like undo/redo.
  • Bricks system inspired by LEGO: Use smaller bricks to design cockpits, command panels, landing gears, add smaller details, or anything you can think of. A new way of building awaits you!
  • Use various weapon systems: Rockets, guided missiles, lasers, beams. Integrate them within your ship using blocks and bricks to create turret or retractable mounting points. More will be added soon!
  • Comprehensive logic gate system: Create simple or complex logical systems. As gates are made of bricks and use wireless connections, you can fit nice mechanisms even on small fighters.
  • Various mechanisms: Use rotators, sliding blocks, hinge bricks, or docking blocks. From retractable landing gear, to cockpit mechanism. Create crazy contraptions, your imagination is the limit!

With your support, the following will be added during the development of the game:

  • A galaxy filled with factions : You will find that humans are but a small part of a wide array of species, all tied by an history of conflict and diplomacy. From empire ruling an entire arm of the galaxy, or pirates roaming the outer rim, each region will have its own danger and encounters.
  • Make your mark: Be a miner, a trader, become a renowned master builder, a feared pirate or an infamous bounty hunter. Be a warlord: choose sides in the conflicts raging in the galaxy, and conquer clusters system by system. Enjoy building, managing and defending your space station.
  • Engage in space battle: whether you prefer to fly multi-crew with your friends, with recruited NPCs or with a fleet of AI drones by your side, engage in tense space combat requiring micro management of all your ship sub-systems.
  • Dedicated server: The community will be given the right tools to host and tailor the game experience.
  • Planetary technology : Land seamlessly and explore vibrant and living planets.
  • Survival mode: Start stranded on a planet and work your way toward space flight. Soon enough you will be colonizing your starting system, then will move on to the whole galaxy !

During early access we will add content focusing on the construction and the exploration side, building synergy between the various gameplay elements.

With the community’s support we will be laying down a strong and stable foundation for multiplayer.

Only once the late game experience is deep and rich enough, we will focus on planetary tech and on making the first magical 20-50 hours of the survival experience.

Skywanderers is the dream project of Francois Duret aka Tsunamayo, a french indie developer raised with Lego classic space and Star Wars.

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