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Ship Systems

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Ship Systems include anything that makes your ship work or works to make your ship. They either: produce or consume power, enable movement, enable control of the ship and other systems, produce items, refine items, or automate actions.

Main Systems[edit | edit source]

Movement[edit | edit source]

Thrusters[edit | edit source]

The thrusters in this game act like an omnidirectional ship engine. You only need them on your ship to propel you like in star wars. They do not need to face the direction they are applying force to. Adding more thrusters in a group or line will increase the thrust - bigger engine = bigger power (and more heat production and energy consumption).

Jump Drive/Hyperdrive[edit | edit source]

The Hyperdrive enables your ship to travel across the stars. You (currently) only need one, one block, block to get your ship (of any size) anywhere in the galaxy faster than Han flew the Kessel Run.

Power Production[edit | edit source]

Void Reactor[edit | edit source]

This magical reactor pulls energy from the void, for free. In the future, other, more realistic power production methods will be added. The void reactor may remain as a top-tier, or low-power reactor.

If you place reactors in cubes (and maybe lines, i think) they each work more efficiently than if they were all separate. (a 3x3x3 cube will produce more power than 27 individual blocks)

Energy Capacitor[edit | edit source]

Connecting a capacitor to the side of a void reactor will increase your ship's energy storage. You can also connect capacitors onto the ends of other capacitors.

Shields[edit | edit source]

Shield Generator[edit | edit source]
Shield Capacitor[edit | edit source]

Control Systems[edit | edit source]

Cores[edit | edit source]

Input Devices[edit | edit source]

Output Devices[edit | edit source]

Logic //will have own page[edit | edit source]