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Many different mechanisms can be created by combining rotors, sliding blocks, and hinges, in conjunction with the logic system. The possibilities are nigh infinite!

Turrets, doors, trunks, hangars, spinning things, turrets with doors, turrets with doors and spinning things spinning things with doors and turrets, and more!

Rotors[edit | edit source]

Constant Speed Rotors[edit | edit source]

These rotors just have their speed controlled, and spin constantly in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. They're kinda the equivalent of a DC motor.

CSR's are great for anything you need to just always have spinning; they are especially useful for decorative elements, as you can't accurately control their angle.

With the new collisions update, these can also be used for doors or ramps that you need to control the speed of by having a block stop their arc of motion.

Controlled Position Rotors[edit | edit source]

These rotors have their angle controlled and move at a fixed speed until they reach their intended position. They're basically a big servo motor.

CPR's are great for anything you need to control the position of accurately, like doors, turrets, ramps, and many others.

With all the different logic systems in game, the use of these CPR's can be very diverse and useful.

The CPR also comes in a smaller, brick size, but it may be removed in the future do to the rotors becoming free-form like the new hinges.

Sliding Blocks[edit | edit source]

Sliding blocks act like little monorails. They consist of a starter rail (or control rail), and a base. The base slides across the rail at a constant speed, and a controlled position, like a Controlled Position Rotor. The values are in meters and can be sent like any other value.

These Sliding Blocks come in two sizes, one is a block size that sits in the middle of the block it's placed on. This larger version is great for blast doors, hangar doors, large elevators, and anything else that's big and fancy.

There is also a smaller, brick-based version that is better for smaller stuff, like interior doors, weapon hatches, small elevators, or anything other small fancy things.

The two sizes may be merged into a free-form slider like the CPR and Hinge, but that is unconfirmed.

Hinges[edit | edit source]

Hinges work like the CPR in that they take in angle values, but they are much smaller due to them being hinges.

The hinge is best used when you need to rotate something, but don't have enough space to put a rotor, like for cockpits or maintenance hoods.

These have recently been merged into a new, free-form hinge that can be made any length that you need. In the future, larger hinges will be needed to rotate heavier loads, but for now, size doesn't matter. Also each side of the hinge can be colored differently.